Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pray it Forward

I like to spend the beginning of each year looking through an old journal of mine. You could call it a vision journal- one that is not likely to run out of room for it has 384 pages of 81/2 x11 acid free pages. Nothing I'll be carrying around with me on my daily travels. Got everything from letters to my then unborn children to a bucket list to pictured prayers. It blesses me to see that I can check off some entries as I've accomplished them. Go to the Oprah show - Check!

There are a few entries that are recurring year after year. I ask myself as I prepare to list them again in 2011, what's up with that? Why haven't I made any headway?In general, they are goals pertaining to preparing TV and movie treatments, perfecting my pitch should the opportunity arise to pitch my ideas and building a speaking platform. To me those were too lofty-too pie in the sky.

2011 could be the year of Big Dreams- for you too. I realized I needed some sort of motivational propulsion unit to push me past fear, discouragement and stagnation. In the 2000 movie sensation, 'Pay it Forward", the main character comes up with a plan to do good deeds for other people who then by way of payment each must do good turns for other people they meet. To play off that idea, my mantra for this year has become Pray it Forward. Think about it. What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail. Just like Random Acts of Kindness becomes contagious in the movie, what if we all looked at our goals as a "can't lose" situation.

I am of the opinion that this is part of the reason our saviour was born and died for He is by no means small. Dream Big. The push I need- that push, for me, will be prayer. I figure if I beat the drum of Pray it Forward, it will become contagious. Hopefully when I get stuck, you'll remind me to see my dreams through with prayer.

Don't sit on a dream. Pray it Forward

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