Friday, August 7, 2015

I begrudgingly wrote the Battle of Wills for an anthology that I was compiling with other writers to be published on my own imprint (publishing company). I seldom write short stories. I was introduced to a term that altered my perspective as a literary entrepreneur: exploit your copyright, first taught and explained to me by Author, Filmmaker and Professor, Booker T. Mattison. Basically, it means adapting my own work in multiple mediums to expand my brand and message. Stay attached to my work especially when negotiating an option to the stage or screen. Summary: Nate and Lisa Green struggle with submission in their marriage. When they choose to get counseling outside the church from an eccentric former classmate who uses a popular book series rather than the Bible as a reference, they find themselves out of God’s will and unrecognizable to one another. Call it satire or a spoof of 50 Shades, it carries the theme that everything is not for everybody.It was a summer just like this one, two years ago, where I decided to turn my short story into a stageplay. I volunteered with the DC Black Theatre Festival and was inspired to see my work on the stage. Time, tenacity and the move of God will have me waking up on June 27^th in the middle of my dream where my talented cast will bring to life the relationship of Nate and Lisa Green in the “Battle of Wills.”

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